After a long wait, MyJoke v1.1 has finally been released in the appstore!
MyJoke v1.1 has just been submitted to Apple! Version 1.1 includes a number of fixes and changes including:
Removed edit bar
Removed status bar
Improved loading screen
Bug fixes
Version 1.1 does not feature any new jokes but version 1.2 will for sure, so keep your eyes peeled for our next version!
After almost  3 weeks Apple has finally released MyJoke 1.0 to the appstore! While apple was reviewing MyJoke, we fnished v1.1 and will be submitting it to the appstore very soon so check back soon for updates.
What is MyJoke?
For a limited time only MyJoke is on sale. But hurry, offer ends soon!

MyJoke is a joke application for the iphone/ipod touch. It includes lots and lots of jokes with more being added with each update! MyJoke has a wide variety of jokes which appeal to all ages and gender. MyJoke is constantly being updated and has many planned features, all updates are free after you buy MyJoke, so get it now before the price goes up after the next update.

****Coming in version 1.1******
Removed status bar
New Icon
Bug fixes
Much better loading screen
Edit bar removed

*****Upcoming features include:*****
More jokes
Submit your own joke
Ability to delete jokes
Joke rating
Better designed UI
Jokes updated by internet instead of updates
Anything you put down in the reviews!

So get it now, at an special introductory price until the next update!
After much consideration, we have decided to switch from a main homepage, to a blog page for our website, the reason being so that you could comment on posts, and also so that not all posts would load on one page. To implement this, we have decided that we will post all posts here from now on including the posts that were previously on our home page.